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Composer Michael Roth has assembled a team of progressive artists to create something completely new - 


an experiment in new film, new music and new opera, created to raise awareness and work against cyber abuse. 


Welcome to the premiere of the first three episodes of THE WEB OPERA -  a new opera that evolved from my conversations with Kate Gale, poet, librettist, director of Red Hen Press and former president of the American Composer Forum/LA. 


Though we considered creating a stage piece, I'd for years been fascinated by the possibility of creating a new filmed opera or musical piece that could best be presented online. We were intrigued as well by the prospect of a work in which all of the action occurred online. The real-life tragedy that inspired our opera not only presented the circumstances for such a work, but perhaps more importantly asked vital questions about cyberbullying and the way we all live our lives and treat each other now - in an online universe. 


There will be five episodes altogether, please let us know if you are interested in supporting episodes four and five.


I am indebted to my collaborators, chief among them my dear friend Kate Jopson, whose guidance and persistence inspired us as she directed it with such perception and intelligence.  Thanks as well to the actors who devoted so much time, passion, musicianship, and fierce concentration to the project, to our fantastically dedicated DP Dana Fytelson, and to all the musicians, singers, and artists whose talent and devotion brought our work to life.


If the experience of THE WEB OPERA provokes discussion on how we live our lives now and more so leads the viewer towards supporting charitable organizations in their struggle against cyberabuse and cyberbullying, then it has succeeded.


- Michael Roth, composer/producer


The creators and all involved with THE WEB OPERA are proud to be part of the mission against cyberbullying and cyber abuse - we invite you to join us in support of this mission.


We're very proud to be working with our mental health advisor Eduardo Vega and his great organization Humannovations in support of their work in suicide prevention.  


Please see our RESOURCES pages for more information. 


Though we have no formal affiliation with the organizations listed below, we encourage all who have watched THE WEB OPERA, if you are so moved, to please consider making a donation to support their work as well.



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Roommate's Friend


Roommate's Friend

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motion graphics episode 1


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motion graphics episode 3


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