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Episode 4 of THE WEB OPERA is musically an exploration of a cappella motet-like dramatic composition. We are assembling and recording the voices now in hopes of having eventually as many as 30 or so singers/actors in the episode, both as soloists & adding up to the larger choral sound as well. 
I will be updating this demo/rough video as the work continues -
we are in pre-production with hopes of filming and premiering the work in late 2024/early 2025.

Special thanks to the singers & actors who have contributed their talents and voices and generosity:
Anna Atkinson, Julie Benko, Sarah Coley Hilburn, Mattia Mauree, Elena Stabile,
Michael Brian Dunn, Rob Hilburn, Elliot Levine, Allan Louis, Andrew Lynch, Aaron Steinberg
and once again especially Adam Von Almen as Violinist98 - click on each name for more info -
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