The Web Opera is based on a tragically true story. Although suicide directly related to cyberbullying is rare, the negative impacts of social media shaming and cyberabuse on mental health, self-esteem are a growing problem. In addition, many teens and college-age youth go through struggles with suicide and depression that are made worse through negative media contacts including posts and messaging.     SEE BELOW FOR IMMEDIATE SUPPORT RESOURCES



If you or someone you know is experiencing these things remember:

  1. Episodes of mental ill-health, distress and thoughts of suicide
    are not shameful, uncommon, or barriers to success in life

  2. Almost every one recovers from difficult times with the help of
    supportive friends, family and/or mental health treatment

  3. Any one can give support –being listened to without judgment
    makes a big difference

  4. Many resources including support lines, text, and online chat
    are available 24-7 that help people get
    through tough times,
    counter the effects of bullying, and prevent death by suicide





Transformative action for healthy people and communities .  

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