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episode three

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the web opera




(in order of appearance)





additional texts

director of photography
motion graphics

additional motion graphics

sound mix







additional vocals:

episode three

music recorded at: Spragueland, Encinitas, California; and in Santa Monica

Please support all who are involved in
the struggle against cyberabuse and cyberbullying –
visit the about and resources pages on our website for more information


supported in part by the City of Santa Monica Artist Fellowship Program

special thanks to: Joanna Syiek, Tobi Harper/website design,

Red Hen Press, J.R., Steve, Kelly Kasle,

Eduardo Vega and Humannovations,

and all who have supported this project

copyright © Michael Roth, Kate Gale, 2018-19
Michael Roth Publishing (ASCAP)
all rights reserved

   CLICK HERE for a preliminary demo version   

    of episode four!     

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