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Reflections on Ana Mendieta

CARL'S REPLY - for Chromelodeon, Strega and Baritone

 - for best results, please listen to CARL'S REPLY with good headphones or through good speakers - - - 

CARL'S REPLY - for singer with Chromelodeon (thanks to John Schneider and the LA Partch Ensemble) and Strega, the synth module, with thanks to Sarah Belle Reid for the inspiration and the occasion to write it - and much thanks to Scott Graff, performing it here. Filmed by Anna Hibbert, recorded by Kevin Jarvis, with special thanks to Denis Ogorodov.


CARL'S REPLY is one of two pieces reflecting the work and life of Ana Mendieta. in many ways it's a sequel to KYRIE-MERCY-ANA M, an a cappella motet and collaboration with Alice Ripley.  Alice and I first previewed our KYRIE at an LA Composer's Forum in 2007, and it was finally premiered by the Hex Ensemble in LA as part of the 2023 California Festival. Please see the videos below and this page for more info.


Alice and I thought it might be interesting to reflect for a moment on Carl Andre, Ana's husband. There is much to read and see and speculate about regarding Ana Mendieta and Carl Andre, these pieces reflect on that, and always in admiration of Ana's beautiful work.

a discussion about CARL'S REPLY and Al Pacino and modular synths & other things, with Sarah Belle Reid


early demo recording/video - 2007

concert premiere, 2023 - rough mix

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